Blogs, Sites & Broadcasters

Air to Hear, moderated by Leicestershire poet-sound-artist Mark Goodwin, collects digitally produced sound-&-poetry from around the world.

Longbarrow Press publishes & presents poetry in a variety of ways – from handmade chapbooks to CDs, from online film-poems to live literary events, from hardbound crisply printed books to poetry field-recordings. The press, based in Sheffield, is edited by Brian Lewis.

Radio Wildfire is an online broadcaster of a wide range of sonic literatures & poetries, presented by West Midlands poet Dave Reeves.

Poetry and Other Sounds is a blog with various contributors, managed by poet & artist Michael Myshack (aka Swampmessiah), focusing on ‘the history, current usage, and techniques of recording poetry with music and other sounds’.

Music for Words is a Basic FM radio show featuring poetry & music collaboration, presented by Michael Harding, 11.15 Tuesday mornings (UK time).

London Poetry Systems is a cross-media poetry organisation.

Moving Poems is a veritable cornucopia of film-poems, ever growing… run by poet film-maker Dave Bonta.

Filmpoem is artist Alastair Cook’s blog, and is also a portal for the annual Filmpoem Festival.



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