Film works: Second reel

The second reel of short ‘place-entranced’ film-poems (installed at Leicester’s Cube Gallery 7 April –  27 April 2014)

Martyn Blundell (with Francie Hickinbotham & Katie Whitton)
Click here to view this film on Martyn Blundell’s website.

The Burbage Valley
Paul Evans, Brian Lewis & Alistair Noon

Taking the Waters
Swoon (with Dave Bonta & Rachel Rawlins)

River of Light
Swoon (with Paul Perry)

The Black Delph Bride
Alastair Cook (with Liz Berry and Luca Nasciuti)

Note to Self
Dave Bonta


One comment

  1. jaynestanton

    Time to explore all those film and audio poems I didn’t have time for on my visit Phoenix Square. But first, I’m revisiting Liz Berry’s hypnotic and haunting Black Delph Bride…

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